• Applied fiscal responsibility to keep budgets and municipal taxes low, and maintained a healthy reserve in excess of US$70 million.
• Supported initiatives to decrease traffic and increase police services to ensure safety and welfare for our community.
• Advocated for greater transparency in government through the City’s first SMART City technology, a cutting-edge program in partnership with Microsoft.
• Established Doral’s first Repair and Replacement Reserve Fund to secure future funding for the well-being of City properties.
• Established tax-exempt legislation to keep Doral’s seniors in their homes.
• Supported building Doral’s first 35,000 sq. ft. Community Center at Doral Legacy Park and broke-ground on the environmentally-focused Doral Glades Park.
• Spearheaded the concept and design of Doral’s first Aquatics Facility which will break-ground in the winter of 2016.
• Advocated for additional schools, educational resources, and the expansion of FIU.
• Enacted a computer donation program from the City to local schools to promote excellent educational standards and ratings.
• Established the City’s first Youth Advisory Board and a Youth Leadership Award to recognize and promote exceptional students in Doral.


• Focus on legislation and policies that protect and enhance quality of life for our residents.
• Keep municipal taxes low while being proficient in budgeting for future sustainability.
• Set goals and initiatives for transportation solutions that include funding for road projects
to expand and connect roadways within our City.
• Partner with County and State agency initiatives to alleviate traffic, and promote better transit, mobility, and connectivity.
• Advocate for low impact development and modifications to our outdated Land Development Code.
• Support funding to continue to develop first-rate facilities, training, equipment, and technology resources for Doral’s Police to ensure the safety of our residents and businesses.
• Develop strategic partnerships to establish sustainable, state-of the art, recreational centers, cultural arts facilities, and parks that all Doral families can enjoy.
• Continue my emphasis on our youth, our schools, and maintaining first-class education.
• Work with State and County officials to and solutions and develop a plan to relocate the waste facilities surrounding our city boundaries.